Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Merry Christmas!

Hello Everyone!!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas!! It is so great that we can remember our Savior and His birth and serve everyone around us this time of year. On Christmas Eve here in Brasil it was raining so much. We got invited to spend Christmas with some members in our ward. We didn’t eat dinner until really late at night but we had rice, and pasta, turkey and salad. We also had 4 desserts that were amazing. I left the member’s house very satisfied.

The next morning we woke up and I got to clean the bathroom (MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME RIGHT?) It was our p-day so we cleaned the house and left to eat lunch with some members as well. After, I got the chance to talk to my amazing family once again. I was so happy for the chance to talk to them. I was missing them a little bit more during Christmas this year.

On Christmas I marked 11 months on the mission. wahooooooooooooooooooo!!!! Time is flying by. I love my new area and my new companion. I am excited to get to know my new area and the new ward. I know this transfer will be great. I am living with 3 other sisters again. Which is a party. All we do is laugh and sing together.

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wow, how 2017 passed by so fast. 


Sister Erickson 

Monday, December 11, 2017


Hello Everyone!!!!! 

This week was SOOOOO HOT!! Summer has finally arrived here in Curitiba!!! Everyone talks about how cold it gets here, but no one talks about how HOT IT IS!! Walking in the blazing hot sun is not easy.

Sister Oliveira and I wore pants for the first time proselyting. It was very different. People thought we were having pday but we told them that we can wear pants now. 

This week Sister Oliveira and I talked with about everyone in the street. We found 14 new people to teach--that is a lot for us. I am so happy. We focused so much on our goals that we made. There are so many miracles that happen when we do the Lord’s will. 

This next week we have transfers. I think I will be leaving my area, but I don’t know. I have 3 transfers here in Capao da Imbuia. Generally President moves us after 3 transfers. This next transfer I will make 1 year on this mission!! wahooooo. Time has flown by so fast. I am eternally grateful for my mission and all the people I have met and how much I have grown and changed.

This week we had a Christmas dinner in the ward. Every member brought a plate of food. It was really good. We got some chocolate from our bishop. I am excited for this Christmas here on the mission. It will be a little bit different but I am excited.

Our investigators are doing really well. Jane is still trying to stop smoking. Everyone pray for her so she can stop smoking. I know she will be baptized-- maybe not when I am here, but I know she will someday. 

Thanks for all the support! 

Sister Erickson 

Monday, December 4, 2017

First Week of December


This week was a really good week. On Monday all the missionaries sang in a Christmas presentation that was really cool, and in a really cool place!! I will send you all photos. Our investigator, Jane, is doing well and decreasing the amount she smokes which makes me soo happy. She says when she has the temptation to smoke she reads the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon is AMAZING!!! We invited her to be baptized but she says she needs to pray about it to know if it is right. This woman is so prepared all she needs to do is LEAVE THE SMOKING BEHIND!! I know she can do it.

This week has been so hot!!!! I feel like when I return home I will be a whole new color. hahha. I don’t have much time to write this week (again) but I will send photos to you all because finally my companion and I took pictures.

I hope you all are having a very wonderful December full of snow and lots of things white. I will be having a December full of SUN, SUN, SUN!! 

Sister Ericksonnnnnn <3

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!

Hello! This week was full of lots of things. We had Zone Conference this past Tuesday and my companion and I had to talk in the conference. I was shaking because I was so scared. Don’t worry. The Lord was with us and it went well haha. On Wednesday I renewed my visa so I could say in Brasil. 

Today we have an opportunity to sing in the center of Curitiba at a theatre with all the missionaries in my mission and the mission next to us. It is a presentation of Christmas. There will be other choirs singing and dances and the missionaries singing. I am so excited. I will make sure to take pictures for you all to see. 

This past week we were teaching our investigator, Lucas who is 18 years old. He is a relative of one of the members in our ward. Lucas goes to church every single week and lives the teachings of the gospel. We practically pleaded with him to be baptized!! We will work with him the next week. I know he will be baptized. We just need to be patient.

I don’t have much time to talk but I love you all. I’m excited for this Christmas season and the chance we have to serve others on the campaign the church has “25 ways in 25 days!!” I encourage you all to participate!!! I know we can help others throughout this Christmas season!

Love you allllll 

Sister Erickson 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Week!!

Hope you all will have a great Thanksgiving and I hope you all eat a ton for me!! Here in Brazil they think Thanksgiving is a little weird, hahahhaha. They don’t celebrate it here, which I think is a bummer. I just want to express my gratitude for all of you and for the support I am receiving every single day!!

This past week was nothing very special. We had a family home evening this past Monday with all the youth in our ward. It was such a fun family home evening. Everyone bore their testimonies and talked about serving others. After we all ate hot dogs together!

I don’t have much time to write this but I just want to bear my testimony that I know this gospel is true, that god loves every single one of his children. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and is prepared for our days. I know that Christ will come again and that we all need to be prepared so that we can be ready to meet him and our Heavenly Father. I know that the day he comes will be a day of joy! I know that families can be together forever! The gospel brings so much joy and happiness in our lives. God blesses us every single day!! Love you all. Have a great weeekkkk!!

Te Amo Pessoal!! 

Sister Erickson