Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hello Family and Friends!!

This week has been a very special week! We had a Baptism this past Saturday! Wilkens was baptized and let me tell you it was really special. I think I have already talked about Wilkens but he is a man of really strong faith. He doesn’t speak Portuguese very well but he has so much faith. Sister Cordeiro and I made chocolate cake for everyone at the baptism! We couldn’t eat it because we were fasting! Bummer!! Funny thing the baptismal font was really, really cold! I felt a little bad but it was still a great experience! Also another funny thing is I came to Brazil and baptized a Haitian hahhahaha! I think it is really funny! 

This week we have been working with a lot of our investigators! Some are progressing and others are really hard! We are teaching a man named Ruy right now who was a reference from a member! He is really prepared to receive the gospel. The only thing really hard is he works on Sunday. We are hoping to visit him every day this week to set a baptismal date!

I am really excited about the work my companion and I are doing right now! I know the Lord is helping us every step of the way. I hope you all have a great week.
Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FATHER TODAY!!! Love you Dad. I hope you have the best day ever!!

Also another HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week to my grandma Constance! I hope you have a great day, grandma. I send my love to you! 

Love you all!
Thank you for all the support.

Sister Erickson

Sister Erickson

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cake Service

Hello Everyone!! This Week has been MARAVILHOSA!!! Sister Cordeiro and I have been working really hard this past week with our investigators and finding new investigators. This week we have a baptism with one of our investigators whose name is Wilkens and he is from Haiti!! He has come to church with us for 4 weeks straight and he is awesome! Fun fact: he doesn’t speak much Portuguese so it is kinda hard to teach him. We have to teach the lessons really slow! It is funny because I am American and he is Haitian and we speak in Portuguese! LoL! We have been praying and fasting for him that everything will work out for his baptism on Saturday.

This week we also encountered a new family! They are awesome! They are from the north part of Brasil and have way different accents but I love it! They are so nice and every time we pass by their house they invite us in! (Not all people invite us in--they think we are strange!) The people from the north part of Brasil are way more open. The people here in Curitiba are very closed. Anyways I have so much faith in this family and I am so excited to start working with them! 

I just want to wish my dad, Steve a happy Fathers Day this past Sunday!! I am so grateful for your wonderful example to me Dad! I love and miss you everyday and thank you for everything you do for our family! You are such a hard worker with so much love in your heart for everyone! 

I am so grateful for you all and thank you for your emails and letters! I am sorry if I don’t respond to all of your emails. I am trying! Just know that I read them all and I love you all! I know my Savior lives and loves every single one of us! This gospel is TRUE!! 

Have a great week!! 

Sis Erickson <3

Friday, June 16, 2017

Can You Believe It's June?

Hi Everyone!!

This week has been really good--a lot of hard work but really good! We marked 3 baptisms!!!--One with the man from Haiti and one with girl who is 11 years old and another with a boy who is 9 years old. I hope it all works out.

My companion and I are working hard and laughing a lot. One of our investigators we are teaching doesn’t speak much Portuguese but he comes to church with us. His name is Wilkens. He is 22 years old and moved here from Haiti not long ago. We marked his baptism for the 17th which I think is in 2 weeks. I am so excited. We have been encountering new people everyday and I am learning and loving the people. 

I don’t remember if I told you but my companion and I moved houses 2 weeks ago into a smaller house. It is really small but it is sufficient for our needs. One night this week our power went out and we had no idea why. My companion and I were a little scared so we called one of the elders and he told us " You guys need to dedicate your house." We asked him to say a prayer through the phone. He said the prayer and as soon as he ended the prayer the power switched on. How cool is that? It is really cold here and inside our house is really cold. It rains a lot and at random times during the day. One second it is hot and one second it is really cold. Usually in the morning and at night it is freezing and I mean freezing and then during the day it is really, really hot. Doesn’t make much sense.

It is June already. I can’t believe it. I will almost reach my 5-month mark. Crazy!! Feels like I just got here yesterday and at the same time feels like I have been here for an eternity!!! I love you all.


 me and sister hart
 beautiful sunday morning
 one of my investigatos grandson 
 family home evening in a members home