Sunday, June 17, 2018


This week has been a very special week. We have had a really great week. We have been working so hard and doing great as a trio. Seems like the faith is even stronger as a threesome. We had 10 PEOPLE come to church with us yesterday --I repeat 10. I have never been so happy in my life. I am so grateful for the Lord. He always helps us and shows us that He is a god of miracles. 

I love my companions. I will send you pictures. We have been getting food every single day from the members. We eat constantly. Everyone is always offering food. I think this week we will have a baptism. I am very excited. This Friday we are going to the temple. President Hart always takes the old missionaries to the temple on the last transfer. 

I can’t believe I have 4 weeks left. I received my flight plans. I hope you guys got it. I can’t even believe it. This time has past by sooo fast. i don’t know where this time has gone--so many experiences, so much growth. I can’t believe the time has arrived to come home. 

Monday, May 28, 2018

The End of the World!!! or maybe of Brasil!!

This week has been crazy! On Thursday we had to do divisions with the sisters in a city that was about 2 hours away from ours. I went with Sister Johnson who is the other sister training leader. It was at about 9:00 at night when all of a sudden the Elders told us we had to catch a bus back to Curitiba because of a strike that is going on here where the truck drivers have stopped bringing products into Brasil because the gas prices have gone up dramatically. So literally Brasil is stopping everything. People don’t have any more gas to get around so everything is running out. This has been going on for 8 days and I hope it will stop soon. Anyways at 9:00 at night Sister Johnson and I took a bus back home to Curitiba. There was no one on the bus--only a couple scary looking people and this old lady who wanted to know what bus we were gonna take home. We ended up getting home at almost 11 pm. 

On Saturday we had the chance to see ELDER HOLLAND. He came and talked to our mission. We all got to shake his hand!! I haven’t washed my hand since..............Just kidding! It is so awesome to see an apostle in front of you!! I got to sit on the front row. We were so close we could see his spit hahha. He is such a man of power and authority. He helped us feel so loved. He motivated us to be better. He shared a poem that talked about how God always pushes us to be better and the poem goes like this:

"Come to the edge. 
No I might fall.
Come to the Edge.
 No it’s too high.
 and he pushed us.
 And we flew. "

I love this poem and it was exactly what I needed to hear. God pushes us to be better and to trust in Him even more. He will always be by our side to help us in everyway. 

We were supposed to have transfers today but because of this strike that Brasil is having we are extending the transfer one week. I think this is the start of the Second Coming (haha). This is why it is so important to always be ready. 

Sorry this is sooo long this week! I love you all! Everyone pray that we will be alive to talk to you guys next week! hah

Sister Erickson 

Early PDay

This week we had a really cool experience that happened with listening to the spirit.

Last week Sister Tuttle and I left our house early to go to work on pday. We both felt really strong to go start working earlier than normal. So we left and started walking on our way to an investigator’s house. We were talking to everyone we saw on the street. We were walking past a house when all of a sudden Sister Tuttle told me she wanted to go talk to a lady. I didn’t see this lady anywhere. Sister Tuttle walked up to a house and I followed her thinking to myself, “where is this lady? I don’t see.” So Sister Tuttle starts talking to this lady through the garage thing. The lady was in the very back cleaning. I have no idea how my companion saw her. We starting talking to her about the plan God has for us and about the Book of Mormon. She said she wanted more guidance and peace in her life. We marked a visit to go back to her house. We went back on Saturday and she was there with her husband. She told us about that day when we walked by and she said she saw Sister Tuttle and I pass by and she had a feeling that we would come back and talk to her. Sister Tuttle as well had a feeling she needed to talk to the woman. It was a cool experience that we had with the spirit that day. In the lesson when we were teaching she started crying when we talked about how she could see her mom again one day. The gospel is perfect. The Lord knows his children. We were prompted to leave our house early that pday and we found her. Always follow what the spirit tells us to do. 

Even when everything is not going the way we want them too. There are always these experiences that make us know that the Lord is in the work. I know we have to be patient with the success. I know the Lord will bless us especially if we are obedient and do exactly what he wants us to do and more. 


Monday, April 30, 2018

Sister Tuttle


I know I’m the worst at sending group emails. These last few weeks have been crazy for me. My last companion went home. I’m training a new greengo! (and Sister training leader) She just got out of the MTC and is learning Portuguese. It’s hard for me to not talk in English. We are in very different situations because I want to speak English because I’m close to going home (and need to relearn English) and she wants to learn Portuguese but still wants to speak in English still.

She is bomb! She loves to talk with everyone! I love her enthusiasm. This week we had a really cool experience with a woman that wants to be baptized. She told us, "Sisters! I needed to be baptized YESTERDAY!!" I almost jumped out of my pants when she said that. We are trying everything we can to help her. She came to church with us yesterday. She is not married (Which is way more than common here in Brazil) living with her boyfriend. We are trying to help her with this situation. I’m excited to help her. We had a chance to teach an investigator the other day in English. My companion Sister Tuttle was wayyy pumped about that. He is Brazilian but likes to talk in English. He came to church with us on Sunday as well. I had a chance to talk again in church! I talked about recognizing the spirit! It went really well I thought. I hope the spirit was able to touch the hearts of the investigators and members. 

I am loving my mission more and more. I don’t want it to end!!

I love you alll!!
SIster Erickson 

Monday, April 23, 2018


Sorry these past few weeks have been crazy! Sister Flora and I went on adventures the last 2 p-days and I didn’t have a ton of time to talk to you guys. I’m sad to say that Sister Flora is going home! I’m going to miss her. She was one of the best companions I have had. This time passed by so fast and I don’t know where it went. I’m on to my last 2 transfers. I’m staying in my area and I’m going to train a new missionary again. President didn’t want to leave me in peace until the end of my mission. I’m staying sister training leader and training. This is going to be a ride. I don’t know how it’s all going to go down but wish me luck. I’m filled with mixed emotions but I’m excited to work hard until the end. Sorry I’ve been bad with emailing and all but I just wanted to give you this heads up.

I can’t believe Gentry Gibson went to prom—that’s crazy. I didn’t even recognize her in the photo. She seems so big and she’s wayyyy pretty. Seems like when I left she was like 10 years old. Time flies. 1 year and 6 months changes a lot of things.

President wants 6 baptisms by the end of June. May seem like a little number but I’m praying and fasting and trying to do all I can to accomplish this goal that president gave us. I know it is from the Lord and anything is possible.

On Wednesday we have a conference with the area president coming to talk to us. I imagine it will be about MORE BAPTISMS. Every transfer seems like President Hart is doubling the number of baptisms. I know this is from the Lord and I have faith that I can do it through the help of Heavenly Father.

I’m learning a lot here in my ward where I’m serving. I love the people. My area has its difficulties but I know that with more faith I will accomplish my goals. We lost some pretty good investigators this past week. They live in another area. We thought these investigators lived in our area and turns out they live in the other sister’s area. I cried having to pass the reference to the other sisters but it doesn’t matter who teachers them. It matters that they are learning about the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’ll receive my new companion tomorrow. I’m excited and nervous. Even though I have trained twice already I get really anxious. I love you guys. Thanks for all the support throughout my whole mission. I’m ready to finish strong!!

Sister Tahlia Grace Erickson