Monday, August 7, 2017


This week has been a really good week! So many things have happened I don’t even know where to begin! This week we have been teaching an 80 year-old woman named Lolanda and her granddaughter, Luiza! They are both soo sweet! Lolanda has come to church with us the past 2 Sundays! She will be baptized this Saturday!! I am so excited for her!! We also set a baptisimal date for Luiza but her mom doesn’t want her to get baptized! We are trying to talk more to her mom about baptism and all the good things that come from it! We want her to be baptized with her grandma this Saturday because it would be sooo special! We are having a hard time bringing people to church with us! People say they will come and we even go to their houses before church and they either aren’t home or they make up some excuse! It is frusturating but we have to accept their agency! Last week Sister Cordeiro and I went to Lolando and Luiza’s house to wake them up for church. Lolando was already ready to go to church but Luiza was sleeping. I went up to her room and tried everything I could to get her to wake up but nothing was working. I TRIED FOR 30 MINUTES STRAIGHT to wake this 10 year-old up!! I didn’t try dumping water on her-- I will remember that for next time! hahahha just kidding!! It was my companion’s birthday this week and we bought her pizza and made her a yummy chocolate dessert.

 A couple weeks ago in church I was sitting in gospel principles class with our investigators. We were learning about Service! There was a phrase that the teacher said that has been stuck in my mind ever since and I want to share it with you guys: " Servimos a quem amamos Desenvolvemos amor por quem servimos" This phrase really caught my attention! We need to serve those we love and develop love for those we serve. This is so true--sometimes we have a hard time loving people around us but the best thing we can do is serve them to develop love. I know the Savior served everyone around him even those who rejected him and spit upon him. He served them anyways even if they may not have deserved it. I invite you all to remember this phrase this week and serve those around you just like the Savior did!

I am sooo grateful for the chance I have to be on a mission serving the Lord every single day! I have seen a growth in my service and for the love of my Savior Jesus Christ! I know the gospel is true without a doubt in my heart. I know we have a living prophet on the earth today to guide and direct us on the earth. I know the Book of Mormon is the most correct book on this earth today and was translated by the power of God! I know service is the way we can be like our Savior Jesus Christ. 

I love you allllll!! Have a great weekkkk!


Sis. Erickson 

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