Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No NO NOOO!!!!

This week has been a week full of "No NO NO! I don’t want to hear your message, and No one is home!!" This week has been a hard week to visit people. Days seem way long when no one is home or no one wants to hear your message! It’s only a message of your Salvation, no problem! We have had a lot of noooos this week, but a few really cool yesses!:)

We had a really cool experience this week with our Investigator Ruy. Ruy right now is really concerned about his work and about being able to support himself right now. For the past few weeks he hasn’t been able to come to church with us because he works on Sunday. We had an impression this past week that we needed to teach him about Keeping The Sabbath Day Holy. The lesson went really well and the spirit was so strong. We made it very clear to him the importance of dedicating the Sabbath to the Lord and not working. I shared a scripture, Mosiah 2:41 where King Benjamin is talking to the people about keeping the commandments. This verse talks about if we keep the commandments we will be blessed both in spiritual matters and in material matters. I felt prompted that I needed to share this scripture for him to understand that if we keep the commandments God will help us. We left him with the invitation to keep the Sabbath day holy. The next day we returned to visit him and he told us he canceled his work on Sunday to go to church! S. Cordeiro and I were beyond happy. He truly understands the doctrine and principle of keeping the Sabbath day holy. 

Another great experience this week! Wilkens passed the sacrament for the first time!!!!! Let me tell you S. Cordeiro and I were almost in tears. It looked like he had been passing the sacrament for years. Wilkens looks so happy and he smiles every time he sees us. What a blessing the gospel is in our lives. 

Last night S. Cordeiro and I were walking home at about 9:30 laughing really loud in the streets. When all of a sudden we saw a drunken man sleeping on the sidewalk. I almost screamed it scared me so bad. After we saw him we tried to walk super quiet and really fast to not wake him up. We were afraid he was going to wake up and maybe rob us. Don’t worry he didn’t wake up!! haahahha Just a little funny story! 

Thanks for all of your letters and for all your support I hope you all have a really great week!! 

All my love,
Sister Erickson 


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